Sauteed Cabbage with Mustard Bacon Relish

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate more cabbage into meals. This looks really tasty and I will try it soon

Bits and Bobs

When you need a quick lunch before work. Sauteed cabbage with mustard bacon relish and some of the pork butt in gravy* over mashed potatoes. Washing the dishes took more effort than fixing the meal, to be honest.

Welcome to moj’s complaint corner. Around here, people love to fry up cabbage with bacon, but 90% of the time, the dish turns out limp, bland, and super greasy. Sauteed cabbage with mustard bacon relish redeems my faith in cabbage with bacon- the bacon’s crispy/chewy and the cabbage is slightly caramelized with a nice bite. Plus, it helps clear out some leftovers, so total win. (Serves 1)

Heat a medium pan over medium low heat with the relish, adding a bit of fat if needed.

When the pan bottom is lightly coated with said fat, add…

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