Module 2-3: Recipe: Pan-Fried Chicken Breast Medallions

Let’s use the concepts that we learned in Module 2, Lesson 1 by pan frying some chicken breasts.

Equipment that you will need:


  • Chicken breast medallions
  • Cooking oil (canola is a good option as you want an oil with a high smoke point)
  • Seasoning (keep it simple and delicious with salt and pepper)
  • Lemon juice (a tasty option but not required)

Before cooking you need to cut the chicken breast into medallions. Chicken medallions come from the breast, but they aren’t the whole breast. Medallions cook quickly and evenly due to their uniform size.

A whole chicken breast is too uneven and thick to make a medallion. You need to make cuts so that your medallions will be uniform.  Begin by cutting the breast in half lengthwise, angling the cut so both halves are an equal width. Once you have thinner breast filets, you can cut them to medallion size, which requires cutting them in halves or thirds so each measures about 2 inches square. Now that we have our medallions and mise en place, let’s cook some food.

Step 1: Pat the chicken dry with a paper towel and season it well with salt and pepper (this is a part of your mise en place)

Don’t be afraid of seasoning your food!

Step 2: Heat skillet to mercury ball stage

Step 3: Add oil to the pan, and wait for the shimmer and first wisp of smoke

Step 4: Add chicken medallions quickly (be sure not to crowd the pan, work in stages if needed)

Step 5: Listen to the sizzle and adjust temperature accordingly

Step 6: Turn when brown (check by lifting edge with a pair of tongs to check for browness)

Step 7: Brown the other side

Step 8: Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on top of the chicken and serve.

Note: Do not keep turning the medallions. Allow one side to brown before turning.